Our goal is to inspire through
human stories.

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An initiative by Global Coaching Lab LLP and Tripura Multinational Pte. Ltd. Instinct to Inspiration was born out of the need to build a bottomless source of inspiration. It is rooted in the belief that we cannot grow to become the best versions of ourselves if we do not transcend our limitations. Inspiration propels you from your zone of comfort to the zone of greater possibilities.

As people enablement organizations, we have had the privilege of coaching, training and speaking to numerous people, from all walks of life, for over a decade. Although these experiences were enriching, it revealed an overwhelming deficit of self-trust and a lack of confidence. Social media and the pandemic have added to the deficit. We were left wondering – How can we help people find inspiration to rebuild their belief in themselves?

The evolution of Instinct To Inspiration began with a question from Sripriyaa Venkataraman, “What if we could capture and document a million inspirational stories in one place?”. What began as a question, quickly snowballed into three different campaigns.


Through our first campaign #LittleMeInspiringMe, we asked people to get in touch with their younger selves and discover inspiring stories within. We wanted people to believe that ‘If they could do it back then, they can do anything now’. We encouraged them to share their stories, so others can be inspired too.  


Our #WowFactors campaign evolved from a research study that we carried out with 26 women leaders from across the Greater Asia region. We believed that the treasure trove of stories shared by the women on how they arrived, how they strived and how they survived in their journey to leadership will inspire generations of women.


Our third campaign grew from the need to support the sales fraternity. Sales is a noble profession, yet many do not think so despite its importance in our daily lives.

For as long as there have been people, there has been sales! We may not choose to admit it and the term “sales” may seem taboo, but the fact is that acts of selling show up in our behaviours.

Whenever we Persuade, Influence, Negotiate or Sell (PINS), we are indulging in Sales/Selling. No wonder it is said that #SalesSkillsAreLifeSkills

Through Instinct To Inspiration we intend to bring to you stories from across the globe in the form of crowd sourced campaigns, research excerpts and leadership narratives. Every story speaks differently to different people. Instinct To Inspiration is a platform to help you find your dose of inspiration whenever you seek it.  

We encourage you to contribute to our campaigns. Like bees that cross pollinate, help future generations draw inspiration from your story.

Our goal is to inspire. One story at a time.


Meet the Instinct to Inspiration Team.

Our mentors have been instrumental in bringing the #LittleMeInspiringMe campaign to life. They share a passion to inspire people both inside and outside the office and hope to continue encouraging people to share their stories.


Instinct to Inspiration opens possibilities to human race.


Instinct to Inspiration is about the power of your belief in your potential


Instinct to Inspiration lets you know that you are not alone.


Instinct to Inspiration influences you to do more, be more


Instinct to Inspiration is about going on a journey of self-discovery.


Instinct to Inspiration makes the impossible possible


Instinct to Inspiration can transform the way we perceive our own abilities.


Instinct to Inspiration is about aspiring and believing in yourself.


Instinct to Inspiration helps in pointing the way to one's purpose.


Instinct to Inspiration reiterates my belief that I can inspire too

Mentoring Matters

We believe that a mentor can be a lamp, ladder or lifeboat. Why should you be stuck, when a mentor can help you with perspectives from their experience.

Our mentors have been chosen carefully. We believe that it is the responsibility of leaders and every human being to provide direction and uplift others who require support. We can motivate you and help you build your self-belief, which will elevate the way you think about yourself, so you can achieve your goals. With the right levels of maturity and the right mindset, our mentors will provide you with a safe environment, to connect and engage with you. And in this journey together, even the mentor discovers and gains new knowledge from you.

If you would like to seek help from one of our mentors, please send us a message and we will get back to you in 24 hours. If required, we can schedule a call with one of them so you can receive the support that you deserve.

 If our assistance can make a difference to you at the right time, we are delighted to provide it.


Meet our Mentors.

Our mentors have been instrumental in bringing the #LittleMeInspiringMe campaign to life. They share a passion to inspire people both inside and outside the office and hope to continue encouraging people to share their stories.

Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Venkataraman Subramanyan

Dr. Smitha Sarma


Vijayakumar Rajagopal